Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Introduction to the Browning Crowell and Barker Competition Knife....

Sometime last year, a friend of mine and fellow knife hobbyist, asked me if I had seen the new Browning Cutting Competition Knife.

At that time, I had not, but he told me how much he loved it, and how effective in the great outdoors he felt it would be.

So, I went to my local cutlery shop, and while I was not initially overwhelmed by it, it grew on me.

It grew on me because I realized that it's form, it's shape and feature, while designed for cutting competitions, would also serve a man well in the woods.

Recently then, I had the opportunity to suggest the knife to a friend, who was in the market for such a knife.

A week or two later, he bought it.

And when he brought it over, I decided to take pictures, and blog it, since I have not heard a whole lot about this knife on the web.

In this first image, you can see it's overall shape, and you can probably guess at it's convex grind.

In this image, you see it in it's sheath, which can be worn tucked into the belt, without a loop, with just the metal stud on the sheath holding it above the waist line.

Here we have the knife in it's sheath, with the optional belt loop.

In this image, we have a close up of the handle.

Here I show it's tapered tang, and the contours of the handle.

A comparison shot of the the Browning Crowell and Barker Competition Knife next to an Ontario RTAK II.

And here it is next to a Spyderco Bill Moran Drop Point, and a Spyderco Perrin Street Bowie.

I hope you enjoyed this introduction, and if I can answer any question, email me at marion dot poff at gmail dot com.